Review LEreg, Pretty fairy lights that glow softly and charge overnight with a sunny…

A couple of days ago. I’m looking for information on the LEreg Solar Fairy Lights 55ft Waterproof 100 LEDs 1.2 V Warm White Portable, so i have to tell.

LEreg Solar Fairy Lights 55ft Waterproof

Easy to install. No wiring required No electricity cost. Recharged by solar panel under sunlight and no battery replacement. Two light modes. Flash light and steady-on light. String light length 55 ft (6.5ft lead cable included). LED quantity 100. Spacing of LEDs 6in Waterproof. IP55. Suitable for outdoor applications. With light sensor. Automatically turns on at dusk and turns …. Read more or Check Price

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Customer Reviews Purchased this product

I purchased these in the past but was not happy with the color “artificial”-lights were white too. These are perfect. by Virginia Cassel

Good look great on the trees in my garden and last a long time. by J C.

I hung these around different trees and beautifully lit the first night. Our garden is pitch black at night and then having these lit up the garden. by SH

Great lights to decorate the tree bridge ‘ so it’s not so dark when I had to walk through it. Not evident but on the soft side hot and has a very comforting feeling when you see him. by I love my mother……………………………


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